TWD: Chocolate Truffle Tartlets

So for this weeks installment of Tuesdays with Dorie the recipe was Chocolate truffle tartlets. Well, lets start off by saying i procrastinate and decided the day i was going to bake (Sunday afternoon) i was going to run to target to grab tartlet pans. Well, they didnt have a tartlet pan they only had a tart pan. Which caused me to say to myself.. “is getting the tartlet pans really worth paying for parking to create 6 individual tartlets?” Well the answer was no. So i just kind of winged it and suprisingly it turned out!

tart in panWhen i first looked at this recipe online kept thinking that there has to be more ingredients in it. The recipe is so “simple” in that aspect. However, don’t let the few the baker. I still had issues creating this tart.

My major issue was with the crust. I kept kneading the dough with my palm and could not create a dough like texture. After about 15 minutes i was finally able to create a base that looked like the base.

After made the dough it decided to crack and break when transferring to the tart pan. In hindsight i think it would have been alot easier to just create the tartlets. But i had come to far to turn back now.

Once i got the tart shell baked (which took about 3 times as long) and got the mixture all put together i felt very accomplished. I got the tart baked and when it was cooling it looked pretty decent. Nothing like how the picture looked in Dorie’s cookbook but hey, i made it!

Though i was highly disappointed when i took out the tart and it looked like this:Tart out of pan
Oh well, It still tasted good. Jake and i had a slice each and saved a bit for for later. The rest of it i shared with the office and boy did it go over well to take care of the Monday’s!

So far i am really enjoying challenging myself to create new baked goods i would have never fathomed trying to create before.

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