The problem with Book Addiction

All the bookworms out there will completely understand this next statement:

Right now, my book obsession has become out of control.

I mean this in the best way but, it has gotten bad.

One thing that doesn’t help is I work for a newspaper. Yes, this may not seem like a major factor until you take in account all the books the people want to be reviewed get sent to newspapers nationwide. And with us being one of the top 10 largest newspapers in the country, we get alot of books. So twice a year our lovely newroom puts on a book sale. I get gleeful just thinking about it. Rows and rows of newly published (some not yet published) books. Some with editors notes, some that you think “why would anyone ever write this” but all in all the best gift to bookworms.

Oh, and did i mention that this book sale is cheap! I’m talking $1 for paperbacks, $2 for hardcover people! I’m sorry i’m getting giddy thinking about this, but as shown below i have a lot in my to read pile. I have rows upon rows and these my friends, are just accompliated in the past year! Well, besides Harry Potter at the top.

Oh, and i just ordered another book off amazon today. I have to be stopped but oh well.

Now, onto the next book


One thought on “The problem with Book Addiction

  1. I completely understand! I like to hang out in libraries, just to make myself justify how many books I have. “Well, if the St. Paul public library has this many more than me, so I can *totally* buy a few more…..”

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