Review: Crossed (Matched Trilogy) by Ally Condie

Crossed by Ally Condie(source)

The First Book I read this year was the second book in the  Matched Trilogy. For about the last 8 months of 2011 I have had a slight obsession with Dystopian YA. I read the first book in this series in July or August of this past year, and was excited to continue reading the series. I have to say i was very disappointed with the progression of this book.

In Crossed the story starts out with Cassia going to the outer Providences in a work camp to find Ky, who was taken away from Society and punished by being sent to work camp for aberrations.

In this book the narrator changes from Cassia to Ky with every other chapter so you understand what is going on with each of them in their perspective camps. Cassia’s goal is to find Ky and by doing so escapes the work camp into the canyons to find him when she arrives at her second work camp that Ky escaped from.  The story follows Cassia striving to find Ky as well as understand and locate the Rebellion called the Rising.

This book is somewhat less action packed than Matched and has a lot of down time in the book. The moving of perspectives is also a very interesting idea for Condie but was not implemented to the best of her ability.

Overall i felt that the book, though was highly anticipated and had a great concept, really left a lot to be desired. I fully hope that the third book the series will complete the story and be a more interesting read the Crossed.


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